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Semi Metallic Brake Pads
Most of the passenger car owners choose semi metallic brake pads for their cars. Semi metallic is the most cost-effective brake pads formula, it always have more than 30000 KM life time, low dust low noise and short braking distance.
High Metallic Brake Pads
HIELD high metallic brake pads always special for TAXI or heavy duty truck or heavy SUV. High metallic formula has high proportion of steel fiber, it makes the brake pads heavy and hard, can very wear-resisting, the life time is much more than 50000 KM, a
Aftermarket Brake Pad
The effects of water on brake fade (all brakes are designed to withstand at least temporary exposure to water)
Metallic Brake Pads
SHIELD metallic brake pads only offer to racing vehicles, the formula was developed together our German partner. Metallic brake pads use some special metal to make the brake very strong, can work very good at super fast speed and huge braking torque.
Low Metallic Brake Pads
​Low metallic brake pad is perhaps the most common brake pad found on cars today. The brake pad on the left is new; the pad on the right is used.Low metallic formula has such advantages: competitive price, excellent braking performance, friendly to the br
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